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One of my Aunt Betty’s big lessons for me through the years has been to get me to look at where I put my focus. On the days when I am rebellious, despairing, or plain lazy, she says, “Do you want to make a choice for discouragement, or do you want to work on the perfectionist? Pull yourself together and do it.” Another time she said, “If you want to suffer more, there’s nothing I can do about it. Let me know if you want to do the work.”

Of course, I never want to lose an opportunity to work with her, so I pull myself out of my funk, and get to work. This interior work is not easy at all. My Aunt Betty and I spend two hours a week talking and praying through an issue, and the rest of the week I put it into practice or move on to a new lesson. Below in red are some of her words that I wrote years ago. I have found them to be very challenging and consoling at the same time. If I can discipline myself to keep my focus on Christ, He will do in me that which I can’t do myself. 

“What we focus on, we gravitate all the more to, and the power of that becomes stronger in our lives. So, let’s keep our eyes on Jesus.” Think about it in terms of driving.  We tend to go in the direction we focus our attention.  We can veer off course if we lose sight of our destination. 

 I sense Jesus saying, “What I want done in you, I myself will do.” Don’t deny you’re having difficulty, but call on Him to strengthen you. Don’t waste time trying to understand what’s happening.  We honor God when we trust Him.  We do our best to find what God wants of us, and then we don’t question it.  We just do it.



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