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My Aunt Betty wrote me this email awhile ago when I was given bad news. Here is what she said:

Sorry to hear this…don’t know if what you heard is true, but through it your faith and trust in God can be tested and grow stronger.  It’s a matter of choice and each choice can be an act of love. So much good can come out of it, despite what the darkness would want, namely, to torture you. You are be given an opportunity to grow in trust…


  1. I can see how it is a matter of choice how we react to bad news. So instead of just thinking how awful things are, if we r truly trusting in God, we should strive to think about how this painful thing might actually be good news!!! Wow…not easy

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  2. Not at all. I listened to a talk by Dr. Charles Stanley entitled, “Turning our Crises into Opportunities.” It’s powerful. He explains how God uses each crisis to prepare us for what He has in store for us in the future. You almost find yourself celebrating when a crisis comes…well not exactly, but it sure makes it more bearable when we have the vision and when we know it’s serving a purpose in God’s plan if we don’t complain and rebel.


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