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My Aunt Betty and I were at a Healing Service a couple of years ago. Some of the people were complaining that the prayers for deliverance were too long. Below in red is her response. As an aside, I have the “Daily Prayer of Protection” posted on my blog, which Betty gave me to pray daily. It is a longer prayer, but very effective. 

Remember, I told you Satan acts like a lawyer.  The reason those Deliverance prayers are so long is because they HAVE to be in order to get results and drive Satan out from all those customary choices.  

Anyone complaining about those prayers no doubt was bored or inconvenienced by their length, but when one deals with Satan, our convenience and boredom needs to be endured in order to get the desired freedoms. Satan, like a lawyer, is constantly looking for any loopholes he can find to remain stuck within us, so when called to participate in a deliverance, we cannot be careless and use our convenience or boredom as an excuse. 

 Look, can you picture yourself walking into a courtroom and telling the Judge to shorten things up for your convenience?  Boring as it is, the Judge has to do things as the law requires and we cannot interfere… so too it is with deliverance type prayers.  We have to be exact in their execution or Satan and his followers will grab that loophole and stay.

If anyone complains about the length of those prayers, feel free to share this email with them, and suggest that they might not want to become a lawyer, because it truly is an exacting and boring form of work.  But when needed, it must be endured.  I hope many will experience new freedoms from having endured, especially if any of their ancestors had been involved in Masonry.

Yes, deliverance is boring, but so are lawyers, and they have to be.


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