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Below are my Aunt Betty’s words to me during a time I was struggling not to go into “if only” over a decision I had made.

Satan tries to tempt us to look at what’s happening in life and go in rebellion.  Whenever your mind goes into the “if only”, PRAY!   Spiritual directors warn against going in that place.  When you go into doubting God’s call on your life, it’s like seeking an audience with Satan.  

If you are called to investigate something, and it disturbs you, hold it up to the Lord. Pray and ask the Lord to lead you to the truth and lay it in His hands.  Satan doesn’t want to be in the Lord’s hands.  He will get uncomfortable if he laid the plan.  What is of truth will be revealed.  What’s in the dark, bring into the light.  Don’t let it roam around in the darkness of your mind.  Bring it to light.

Temptation is an opportunity, complement from God.  You are stronger than this.  It allows you to grow.  If it were to overpower you, God wouldn’t allow it to happen.  He wants what’s good for His child.  You have the strength to overcome.  You need to learn to utilize graces.  


  1. The idea of shining a light on anything thats causing us to be unnerved is really helpful. It is great to think of placing it in Jesus’ hands! The evil one def wont want to spend much time there!

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  2. If we respond as Christ would like, His light shines into the darkness of the situation. You are living in the spirit so have an advantage. Someone who is still living in the flesh acts according to the flesh. By your responding in love (light), you can have a powerful impact on the situation, because Christ works through you.

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