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My aunt, Sr. Betty Igo, wrote me this email years ago when I would beat myself up regularly. I really like her no-nonsense style so thought I would share it with you.

I was wondering how you were doing. The compulsion to beat yourself up and condemn your decisions seemed unusually strong last night.  Your common sense self knows that doing that un-Christian activity inside is just damaging that fragmented trouble maker and the part of you that needs healing will only get worse by using Satan’s techniques.  Her healing will only occur when you can treat the wounded part with respect and take it to Nazareth where it can relax and realize that it is loved, respected and accepted without being perfect.  In plain language, taking little Miss Perfect to Nazareth is doing the opposite of what Satan advises when you go into beating yourself up.  Ask Jesus to help you adopt His ways of healing instead of Satan’s suggestions which are dangerous and can only lead to his desire to bring about your destruction.  Learn the difference between God’s ways and Satan’s – -pray for discernment of spirits!


Sister Betty Igo,SFP


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