I’ve been upset about an injury I had to my feet that has not healed. I’m mad at myself for my poor judgment that led to the injury. Betty told me that when we think about ourselves, we are wasting our time and increasing our misery.  If we want to live with the joy that’s in Heaven, we need to learn not to think of ourselves, but stay focused on Him. We need to role model faithfulness to our kids as we walk through trials. Instead, I’ve felt angry about this injury and have spent too much time thinking about it.

Betty gave me an example of someone who wants to be more generous. They could pray, “Lord, I want to be more generous, but I’m having a hard time.  Please be the generosity in me.” We’re focusing on Him, instead of our own efforts. We get further that way. The way to become who we are meant to be is to focus Into Jesus and then He takes over. “Oh Jesus, I surrender myself to You.  Take care of everything.”  She said to me,

“Why are you wasting your time thinking about yourself. By not focusing on yourself, you could experience less suffering because when you focus on yourself, the perfectionist within uses it to beat yourself up. She lets you know what a lousy, foolish person you are. You’d have an easier time if you could read and pray the book on the Divine Will until it becomes a part of your life that you live. It’ll be a new way to a great freedom. When you think of yourself, you use it as a time to beat yourself up. Instead, stay in your nothingness so the All can keep His place in you. You must die to your will. Don’t think how to be virtuous. If you feel called to love, ask the Lord to be your love. There’s a big difference because when you say, “Help me,” the focus is on Him. He loves when we come to Him and say, “Lord, I feel your call to be more other-centered in me, but I’ll need you to be other-centered in me because of myself I can’t be other-centered. That’s more pleasing to Him than our struggle to be other-centered. 

She read me a passage from the Divine Will, “Too much focus on the self-blinds your mind. It’s like a net around you. This net is made of weaknesses, of oppressions, of melancholies, of fears and of everything evil contained in human nature. The more one thinks about oneself, even under the aspect of good, the thicker the net becomes, and the blinder the soul. On the other hand, when you aren’t focused on yourself, but thinking only of loving Him, whatever the circumstance, then it is a light for the mind and forms a sweet divine enchantment.”

In some way, we create our own suffering by not putting our focus where He tells us. If you continue to see the Lord’s light and healing going through your feet, your feet will get better. But if you go into fear, they’ll get worse. When we focus on darkness and the things of Satan, we ourselves become more immersed in it. Scripture tells us to focus on what’s good and holy. A lot of scripture is telling us this, but we don’t listen so we bring a lot of suffering on ourselves.

The more we look at ourselves, the more miserable we become. The more we keep our face on Him, the more we grow and become courageous. As we focus into Him, then those rays begin to reflect Him to the world. The world needs us to be His light.

As we begin the Easter season, may His Resurrected Healing Light transform those places within us that need it most and may we keep our focus on Him.





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