Photo by Valentin Antonucci on Pexels.com

A couple years ago, a woman cut me out of her life for not having my mask pulled up all the way while talking with her outside social distanced. I had pulled my mask down since she was having trouble understanding me through the mask. I wrote her an apology note, but she hasn’t talked to me since. Below is the session I had with my Aunt Betty.

AM: An older woman I was friends with cut me out of her life and said she no longer respected me because I pulled my mask down while talking with her outside.

Betty: I just keep giving things like that to the Lord. It’s like every time you think of it, you lift it up and, give it to the Lord. It’s like, “Okay Lord, when it’s your time, let me know.” There is truth to people needing time. Some people need time to process things. You wait on the proper manner, timing, and intensity.

AM: I just wonder what triggered her? 

Betty: Every time you wonder something, image, think, or feel it going to the hands of the Lord. Keep letting go. Keep giving it Him. But wait on the Lord. Don’t try to push it. Certain things you put in His hands. Then you get an awareness. “Oh yeah, maybe I did this or that.” Then you can always put that in the Lord’s hands and say, “Okay, Lord, if by doing this, I caused ABC, then wherever they are, heal them, blah blah, blah, blah, blah.” But then hand it over to the Lord. Keep letting it go. Don’t hide it and chew on it, because that’s how depression gets a grip. 

AM: So, you trust, even when you have your mistakes in it? 

Betty: When people tell me things, I listen with half an ear, because I’m aware that it’s their story. Then there’s the other person’s story. And then there’s God’s story. The truth is with God’s story, because our perceptions are such that we put our unconscious junk that we haven’t dealt with into our perceptions. That kind of mixes things up. God doesn’t have that problem. What God sees, God tells you. His perceptions are clean. 

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