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AM: I’d like to…

Betty: See, you want to reach the point where you have that feeling and you acknowledge that feeling. But your deepest desire is to be where God’s Will knows it’s best. It’s like I’ve been saying to you over and over. You allow your feelings to dominate you. You want to get free of that. There’s more to life than feelings. Feelings are a small part. “Lord, help me to choose your will for me when I have these thoughts come up.  Trust God more than your feelings. You might have to pray, specially “Lord, I really need your help to trust you and trust the faith that I have in you more than I put my trust in my feelings. Because Satan can sway your feelings. They’re too easy to get at. When you get to the point where your real trust is in the faith you have in Jesus, I think that’s the prelude to entering into the joy of Jesus. Despite what’s going on, you can watch your feelings. Yeah, your feelings will come and go all kinds of places. But your real trust is in what your faith is telling you. I would like to see you get to that point before I die. Will you put your faith in who God is, not your feelings?  Because it’s too easy for the wind to blow and then your feelings are taking you into a place of pain that you don’t have to live in. If you follow your feelings, you’re gonna experience much more pain in life than you have to. 

If you look at the lives of the saints, they lived on faith not feeling. But you have to make the decision. I don’t know what it will take for you to make that decision. But out of that decision, you cry out to the Lord. “Lord, help me to really stand on my faith, not on my feelings which come and go.” Feelings are not your deepest point of trust. Because they go there one day and are gone the next. We miss the joy of life. Ask the Lord to work the miracle of helping you put your trust in him. Go into tongues. You know what I’m hearing? “Out of the depths, I cry unto thee. Oh, Lord, hear my prayer.” It’s going to take that kind of prayer, crying out of the depths of your being for the Lord’s intervention to get you out of this constant going back to your feelings for a solution. Your feelings are unable to give you a solution. It’s like don’t even bother stopping there to ask them. They’re wasting your time. The solution, excuse me, is not to be found in your feelings lady.  And yet you’re back there sitting waiting for your feelings to give you a solution. And it’s like, “Lady, that’s not gonna solve anything.” But I just see like the persistent, old woman who keeps coming back, thinking she’s supposed to get the resolution through her feelings. No, you’re not. Come on. Move on before you starve to death. Feelings are not gonna fix you.  

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