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Betty: “Lord, I pray for each family member to take back their own stuff, and stop throwing it out using the other as an excuse for not dealing with their stuff. Help X and Y to get unhooked and each look at their own stuff.”  

See there’s a case where we can use another person’s stuff as an excuse for not working on our own.  You’ll hear people often say that. “Well she’s got to work on her stuff before I do.” I’m thinking, “Oh yeah, I’ll go ahead and torture myself and be miserable, because she’s not working on her stuff.” It  doesn’t make sense, does it? So, you can almost hear Satan laughing at that person saying, “Go ahead and be miserable and tortured and blame the other. That’s okay. As long as you don’t get anywhere.” 

AM: And even if the person does change, the problem is still in you. You’re just going to meet up with it in somebody else. 

Betty: Oh, yeah. 

AM: So, the key is every time it happens to get conscious about it and to journal it.

Betty: We almost force God, out of his love for us, to keep giving us over and over the very thing we’re trying to run away from. Because we need it to get free.  

AM: I feel myself getting sleepy. I just can’t seem to get myself rested enough these days. 

Betty: As more of this stuff comes out, it’s going to bring you into a deeper place of peace. Because I kind of think you’re fighting this stuff coming up.  

AM: You said, “The more you get this stuff out, the clearer you can hear.” 

Betty: Yeah, and you can relax more as you enter into truth.  You can hand things over to the Lord faster. Carl Jung used to say it takes a lot of energy to push all the junk down.

AM: Yeah, might as well just deal with it and get healed. 

Betty: Yeah. Otherwise, you have to sit on it. It’s like if you put a cat in a box. As long as the cat is in the box, it’s gonna keep struggling to get out of there. If a person has to spend all his/her energy to hold that cat in the box, that’s energy that could be used for something else. 

If it’s applicable, pray, “Lord, I pray for myself, and any person I’m hooked with, to take back their own stuff, and stop throwing it out using the other as an excuse for not dealing with their stuff.”

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