Photo by Allan Mas on Pexels.com

Betty: People really want to live in the Divine Will, but they need to yield. It’s not just knowledge. You’re going to have get this crud out of the way that’s blocking you, namely your rebellion against suffering. As you work through this, you’re not going to walk out the door and forget to take your faith with you. I think part of the reason you have difficulty living deeply in faith is it’s easier to live in the parts of faith that don’t have as much suffering. So, I think, even there, we pick and choose the parts of faith we want to really live. And it doesn’t work. We have to accept the whole ball of wax. 

For some people, looking at the parts of them that aren’t finished is a lot of suffering. There is a certain pride that doesn’t like to do that. We could go on and argue that the pride itself could come from insecurity. People like to think they’re finished with all of this and say, “Now let’s get on and save others. I really like doing that.” And that’s hard. You have a bit of that, don’t you? 

Is there any place in your life where you’re picking and choosing the parts of faith you want to live and ignoring the others?

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