Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

AM: I feel like I’m not passing the test. 

Betty: Well, I don’t think Jesus asked us to grade ourselves.  Did Jesus come to you and say you needed to grade yourself? 

AM: No. 

Betty: Okay then, throw the pen away, and get on with life. See, the one who likes to torture is the one who pressures and says, ”Okay now that you feel like crap, let’s grade you.” No. Don’t let him take over and tell you what to do. Whose in charge of your life anyhow? God didn’t put Satan in charge. How’d he get there? You let him in charge That’s who put him there. Well then fire him. Let’s get on with life. 

Can you say, ”Lord, I’m getting tired of torturing myself. Help me to stop enjoying torturing myself.” It’s such a sick way of looking at  life. It’s almost masochistic. I listen to you and it’s like, “Oh my gosh. Don’t do that to yourself?” It may be a bad habit that needs to be broke. Cry out to the Lord for help to break the habit.

Do you find yourself grading yourself? Ask God to heal you of that bad habit, so you can accept yourself.


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