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AM: I wrote this years ago when I was caught in a negative judgment on another. That is a dangerous place to be. In Scripture it says, “That which we judge another for will be visited upon us.” (Matthew 7:1) Many times throughout my life I’ve fallen into the same sin as one that I’ve judged for having it.

Betty: X had a spirit of hatred in his eyes when he got enraged. Somehow, in his generations, they opened to a justification of hatred for certain things. They had a justification for despising and putting down. It’s really demonic. The Lord doesn’t ever want you to do that. Be willing to work now. Open up your heart, and ask the Lord to help you remember whenever you did that to anyone else.  

You can see how it starts out. It starts off with a negative judgment. So, that’s why you’ll need to pray, and maybe during Advent, part of your mortification will be to not permit this anymore.  Be very careful, because there was a quick justification within you for that behavior. The Lord really wants you to give that up. No more justification.  Say, “No.” It is totally totally un-Christlike and can damage people. Don’t listen to the old Satan adage, “Everybody does it.” I don’t care what kind of justification occurs to you. Just really strongly come out with “No!” Because Satan will try to keep you caught in the justification of it. 

Avoid saying, “Well, they’re really boring… “ Still no! It’s like, “I must give up my comfort, my need to be entertained and amused, out of respect for the Christ in that person. How could I have ever justified this?” You need to go the opposite places like, “This is crazy.”  But it’s in your ancestors. So, it might be the kind that’s only cast out thru prayer and fasting. I hope that isn’t the case. But sometimes, it’s deep seated. You need to fast from negative judgment on others. You might want to say, “Lord, during Advent, please teach me to think your thoughts.” Let that be your Advent. You want to learn to think like Christ. Some of these quick judgments are not Christlike. They’re the other side. But see X suffered from that too. He was quick on the judgments. It’d just suddenly take off. You can’t afford the luxury anymore. The Lord says, “No!” If the Lord brings anyone to mind, pray for that person. The family needs to rethink each other in light of this prayer.  

Are you justifying any negative judgments on others? Can you mortify yourself by fasting from those judgments and pray that your whole family line be set free of this?

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