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Betty: Don’t say, “Lord Jesus, give me the strength to go through this. You are announcing to Satan, “Okay, great. I really got her. She’s ready to give up. Well then all I have to do is keep increasing this, because she’s announcing to me that she’s getting ready to give up.”

I see you root Satan on to torture you. And I look at you and I think, “Why does she want to do that? It’s like, “I can’t make myself suffer more.” It’s sick. Instead, you cry out to the Lord saying, “Help me hang in there, until you can make a change.” Then the Lord can come and help you. Instead you announce to Satan, “You’re getting somewhere. Hang in there. I’m about ready to give up.” You’re making a big announcement. To what purpose? I can’t make you do what you need to do to get out of your mess. If you can cry out, “Lord Jesus, help me to choose the way out of this mess instead of getting myself deeper into it. See, you get mad and go into rebellion. The problem is it doesn’t happen fast enough for us. That’s our problem. 

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