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The stuff that children couldn’t work through can begin to start coming out of the unconscious, and they get stuck in their parents. That’s the problem with parent/child relationships. But, as you allow the Lord to heal those parts in you, it’s easier to listen to your children, because you see what’s going on, and you just drop it, and let it go rather than get angry. If somebody gets our goat, We know we have a goat in there to get. So, it’s like, “Okay, Lord, they’re getting my goat. Show me my goat.” So, you can sit there, and work on your goat. Don’t keep forcing yourself to listen to what they feel is the ego.

Now, we have to be careful here. Because one of the things that has been called to my attention is that God can be working, even when we start feeling irritated with somebody’s stuff. That is a moment of grace. 

We have to be careful not to give into our irritation. That is our need for comfort. Part of dying to your will is to give up seeking your own comfort. Case in point here with you. When you get irritated, you’re uncomfortable. When you get irritated, look at it as a moment of grace. “What’s going on here?  They’re getting my goat. Okay, Lord, is there a goat in here that is ready to give itself up?” 

See, I notice with your impatience, that you miss moments of grace. Whereas, you could be growing and dying to your own will, which is the process the Lord has all of us in. If we really want to enter into the grace of living in God’s will, then we need to cooperate with the work he’s doing within us to help us die to our will. I am sometimes aware that your impatience makes you miss grace.  And you’re libel to be sitting there saying, “Why is the Lord taking so long to allow me to get into His will?” Could it be, because you’re refusing the work he’s trying to do within you through your impatience. So, go back to X and these wonderful occasions of grace that he’s giving to you. It is like, “Hey, AM, watch it. God’s at work here. Please come back here. Don’t run off. Do your work.” That might be part of your stubborn self saying,  “This is the way God’s gonna work. He’s not gonna work over here.” How do we know? Come on! Drop it. Go back to your irritation. You’re irritated. She’s got your goat. Yeah, sit still. Stop running. Go into this. Why are you so irritated? Go into tongues and get a translation.

AM: When I’m judging someone, it’s because it’s a part of myself that I hate.

Betty: Yeah, if you could just image yourself starting to run and say to yourself, “Stop it. Now what’s going on here?

Is there someone or something that’s “got your goat?” It might be helpful to say, ”What’s going on here?  They’re getting my goat. Okay, Lord, is there a goat in here that is ready to give itself up?” 

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