Photo by Any Lane on Pexels.com

Below is wisdom that my Aunt Betty gave for people when they are with their family. May your time with your family be blessed this Christmas season.

Betty: There is something to be said about when we’re around our family. We can hook into places of similarity that’s in the family systems. We can encourage each other into that place of stuckness, if we’re not careful. So, it’d be much better for you, when you’re are around your family, and they’re irritating you, if you would simply say,“Lord, I want you to have the victory. Teach me how you would handle this.” 

Do you see what I’m saying? You recognize you are vulnerable. You are in a place where you’re under attack, because these are the open doors of the generations. “She says this and you’ll say that.” It’s this kind of thing. Also, you have to be really alert here, because it’s easy to see your own faults in the other. And when you’re around the family, it’s easy to see your faults being portrayed, because it’s part of the family system. So, they are acting it out for you. So, it makes it so easy to hate it in them, because it’s really in you. Satan is quick to recognize this stuff in us, and try to make use of it, as best he can, to achieve his ends.  

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