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AM: I have some residual unforgiveness.

Betty: Put the word resentment down. You have a resentful spirit. Okay. Hold it up to the Lord and ask Him to teach you what it is you need to learn in order to let go of that resentful spirit.

AM: I’m angry because they get to go on with their life without any consequences.

Betty: Stop and look what you just said. Ask yourself where did that come from? Look at the spirit that would have that kind of a thought. It’s a dark spirit. Now what door does the enemy go into? What door are you letting open that that thought got into your head? Go into tongues. What door in you would grab at those thoughts and chew on them? See, that to me is like you’re choosing to chew on a poison pill. Where did you get that poison pill? It’s from the pit of Hell. But what door in you opened and cooperated that you started chewing on it? You got to get to know yourself and repent of the part that cooperates with Satan.

AM: Well, it is the vengeful side of me.

Betty: Okay, now stop and look at that. What creates a vengeful person?

AM: Bitterness and unforgiveness?

Betty: Write the question, “What creates this vengeful side of me?” You’re bitter. What else?

AM: Self-righteousness

Betty: Say arrogant self-righteousness. You deserve better. You are superior. Okay, now stop and think about the type of character that is bitter and filled with arrogant self- righteousness. Oh yeah. They might be sweet as all get out when they are in the nice frame, but boy if they’re mad at you, look out. Can you look to the Lord and stop and repent?

AM: “I repent of this side that is vengeful and filled with bitterness and self-righteous arrogance.”

Betty: Stop and take a good look at it. Don’t rush. I want you to actually feel it and own it. You don’t like the feel of it, right? It’s not what you want your life to be about. What I’m hearing is, “Out of the depths I cry unto Thee. Oh Lord, hear by voice.” (Ps 130:1) To get out of that arrogant, self-righteous spot, we need a lot of God’s mercy. That would be a good scripture to pray this Lent.

Do you have any open doors where you’re taking in darkness? What Scripture would be good for you to meditate on this Lent?


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