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Below in red, is a letter from my Aunt Betty to my son, JT, who was recruited to play football at West Point this year:

Dear JT,

This is what I am thinking and would want to say to you about these important decisions you have made recently. 

The “person we feel called to be” begins to come forth in those little decisions of each day. Even the tiniest decision is important, as it adds up. The integrity needed as we make those small decisions forms our character, and as time goes on insightful people who also want to be people of integrity themselves, tend to get attracted to us. It’s out of this group that future life companions are found, and friends who are loyal are given strength to speak the truth to us when we need it.  Friendships made in Heaven are of the best kind and are lasting, so ask God to help you find them.

The kind of growth you are being called into is itself a process of dying and rising. It won’t always be easy, as you will need to take on greater responsibilities.  As I look back on life, I realize that life is made of a series of letting go and moving on with hope, despite the difficulties and disappointments that sometimes come all our ways.  It is this ability to die to the present moment and to take up the next one, thereby facing the REALITY of what is needed in the present moment that separates those who grudgingly exist from those that are fully alive and able to enjoy life.

Our process of growth stretches everyone around us, for if they truly love us, they will desire what is really good for us, and call us into that growth. They, as well as us, have to let go of the known, and leap into the unknown in order to give us the room to become the person we are called to be. We can pack the good and the fun memories in our heart, and take them with us gratefully through life, but it is in becoming the person we are called to be that the greatest joy and satisfaction will be felt by us as the years go by. This is because we can look back and realize that our choices in life have helped make the world a better place.  We all were brought into life with a unique mission, and no one else can do it like we can. God gets the greatest glory by us agreeing to be the man or woman He put in our heart to be. Ask God to help you be that person, and find that mission by having an obedient heart, so He Himself can be present to this world through you and make our crazy world a better place. 

Living out your best self happens one little decision at a time in the light of who He has created you to be. Remember: Whatever is asked of you, if it is part of who God is calling you to be then it IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO DO IT .  God never calls us to do something without providing what we need to accomplish it.  That is what St Paul meant when he told us “Nothing is impossible to God.” The key is to discern. Is this particular thing important for you to accomplish your Mission?  If it is, then you can be sure that the grace is there for you to do that. Just step up, and put forth the effort to do what to you at first may have seemed impossible, trusting that He will be doing it through you.  You will be amazed at your own potential as you cooperate. So, never sell yourself short, because I believe that you have great potential. Again, St. Paul said “I can do all things in Him who strengthens me.” Be assured that your authentic self will come forth and bless the world, if you chose to cooperate with Jesus. The decision is yours. No one else can do it for you, though friendships that are made in Heaven are a great help. That is why I shall be praying hard that you find such friends in your new environment. In fact, all of us who love you are proud of your courage to take up the challenges ahead of you, and hopefully we will all be prayer supporting you in the challenging times ahead. 

So, go JT! We are rooting for you!

Aunt Betty


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