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I don’t remember the situation, but I was no doubt struggling with God’s will. My Aunt Betty’s words to me are in red below:

We can create an illusion in our mind of what ought to be and then judge God for not bringing about our own projected reality. If what we imagined is not what God intended for us, and it is not good, God cannot give it to us because God can only seek our good.  If we get angry with God, we may be assuming that God’s reality is ours. Be careful, because you might feel something would be good, and then you think that that’s what God wills. God’s will is perfect, but ours isn’t. We can obstruct what God really intended out of our willfulness, and the results often bring disaster. Then we blame God and feel like pouting.  Scripture says “A humble, contrite heart, God does not despise.” That does not sound good for the proud, rebellious heart, now does it? So, what’s in God’s will for us often gets changed, because we don’t cooperate, but it’s our changing of the will, not God’s.

God knows everything, because He lives in the Eternal now.  He does not have a past or a future like us. We need to learn how to deal with life as it is, and refuse to protest and get stuck in projecting reality for what it ought to be.  We need to enter into the mystery.  We need to learn how to trust God, so it takes the fright out of it. God knows the choices we make. Every day we need to pray for the grace to be in His will.

God always seeks our good.  We need not question that with our doubt. It’s a give-in, because He’s our God.  So, if we start with that, then we know that God, who seeks our good, is allowing us to go through this. Even though we do not always know why or how, it will wind up being for our good.  All we know is Romans 8:28 is true! 



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  1. Thank you for the continual reminder of how sweet it is to live in the Divine Will of God, and to try our best to deny our own stubborn will. I am stubborn and very hard-headed, so I need this constant reminder.

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