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Betty emailed me this. Her words are in red. I happened to take a look at one of your new blogs and decided I did not do well on explaining the following paragraph.  “When the Bible talks about hearing the Word of God, that means living it. Truth needs to get locked in our head. If we just collect knowledge, it doesn’t get connected to our faith. We collect knowledge, but we need to live it. It’s a decision of our will. We have to choose to live it. Ask Jesus to help you repent of anything you did by choosing to be apathetic towards the truth or to be doubtful. Give it back to Satan. Renounce Satan’s lies. “By your power, Jesus, we ask to be set free. What belongs to Satan, he can have. Lord, please let me get what You intend from this.”

I think the paragraph I rewrote below does a better job explaining it. Do you agree? I think I misspoke above -what I meant to say was more like the below.

When the anointed Biblical writers wrote about hearing the Word of God, they were counseling us not to just get the truth in our head, but to actually let our lives be changed. For too many of us, the truth gets locked in our head, and we can become collectors of Faith Knowledge, but we are not truly hearing that Word, if it is not reflected in the daily choices we are making. Sometimes, if we find that truth not living in our daily choices, we need to meditate on the teachings of Jesus.

Remember I told you about that 40-day silent retreat in which I learned to chew certain Scriptures, so to speak, over and over like the old cow chews its cud? I learned to keep doing it, until my life reflected that teaching. Sometimes, we seem to have a stubborn resistance to allow a certain teaching of Jesus live in our lives. Remember when Peter was trying to talk himself out of “forgiving,” only to find that Jesus meant it even more than he would ever guess?  Becoming “Jesus” is what Christianity is all about, isn’t it? And, like Peter, we have to turn to Him for help in those stubborn moments, and not use difficulty as an excuse to give up.

Ask Jesus to help you repent of apathy in your choices towards living the truth. When the rumblings of doubt start as to whether God could be asking you to do a certain thing, lay whatever it is in His hands, and ask Him to teach you. Renounce Satan’s influence towards unbelief. “By your power, Jesus, we ask to be set free to live our lives in Your Truth”.

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