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The title above comes from John Bevere’s book entitled Victory in the Wilderness. Bevere says, “The desert, or wilderness, is the place where the way of the Lord is prepared, the place where every mountain is made low and every valley exalted. In scripture, mountains represent the strength of man. The Bible says, ‘That no flesh should glory in His presence ‘(1 Corin 1:29).” 

Bevere goes on to say that we cannot bring forth the promises of God ourselves. It doesn’t matter how good our intentions are. Unless God is involved, we can do nothing of eternal value, even if we do it in the name of Jesus. 

Bevere said that in these last days, there will be many people with authentic calls to full-time ministry, but before God sends them out, He will first bring them by way of the wilderness for a time of preparation. He said, “In the wilderness, the flesh is crucified and the way of the Lord is prepared.”

When we ask to be purified, God will show us the places we need to change. We need to recognize the spiritual season we are in, and as we are faced with trials, we shouldn’t become angry, but instead look for their purpose. Allow God to remove the vileness from our hearts. “Remember, refinement strengthens that which is already good and cleanses or removes that which weakens or defiles. Welcome His refining that you might be a vessel of honor, able to manifest His Glory.” (Bevere)

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  1. I just started reading Bevere’s book, The Bait of Satan, and look forward to growing closer to God and less anxious and resentful as a result. God willing!

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