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One of my Aunt Betty’s favorite lines is, “Lord, you’ve got a problem.” As I learn to pray more that way, I’m finding more peace. I wrote an excerpt called “The Pseudo Savior Complex” years ago. I posted it on my blog, In it, I wrote Betty’s warning to me not to try to save a person or situation myself. Rather, I must put everything into His hands. “Oh, Jesus, I surrender myself to you. Take care of everything.” Here are Betty’s words in red:

Human nature wants to worry, but God seems to accomplish more for us when we surrender and turn it over.  Trust.  Worry accomplishes nothing, and it insults God.  It aggravates the situation.  Praying in tongues is very powerful.  You’re letting go from the fix it part.  It can help us tune in and let the Spirit pray for us.  We are interceding in the spirit. 

Satan wants us to worry.  When a person or situation comes to mind, instead of worrying, lift it up to the Lord.  Don’t miss the chance to turn things into a prayer.  Pray protection against secondary effects.  Our perfection is in Christ Jesus.  That’s where we look to our perfection in Him. 

God can work miracles when we’re truly yielded to Him. We honor the Lord by being relaxed. We accept that He’s saved the world, and we don’t have to.  As we lay down to go to sleep, we can receive Him as our light and relax into it and receive healing. 

When you think about whatever it is you’re praying about, turn it over to God.  Bring it into faith.  Open the door for God to help you.  Your faith opens the door for help.  Fast from being anxious.  Turn towards the Lord and hand it over.  That’s the fast the Lord is looking for. I’ll close with an email my Aunt Betty sent me that relates to this topic:

 As for you, please do NOT take this one on – simply keep throwing it up to Jesus whenever your inner child brings it up. “Jesus! Help!  You got a big problem here…”  Is the best prayer I can think of…it is HIS problem…not yours!



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