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This is a continuation of my spiritual direction session about the petty people. My Aunt Betty’s words are in red.

He’s using the real selfishness of these people. But He, in His infinite wisdom, sees a great benefit as a way of teaching you how to die to your own will. That is, namely, “Okay, this is their choice for selfishness, but what He’s asking of you is not to follow what’s Satan wants, namely, for you to get enraged at how self-centered they are and go into judgment. But rather start praying, “Lord help them get free to choose to love.” Satan will not be happy with that. Because it completely destroys what he wanted with you. So, you might get some kickbacks, because Satan is going to be unhappy that you haven’t chosen to act like you were supposed to. 

Having dealt with him, it’s like, “What’s this? She’s supposed to hate. She’s not supposed to be praying for them to be released from their prisons of selfishness. That goes against my agenda.” It does and when you hear members of the family talking about the selfishness of these petty people, they’re going to be better off if you say to them, “It would be more beneficial if you prayed that the Lord, in His is mercy, would set them free to love. They’re going to say, “Mom.” But, see, that’s what it means to raise a Christian family, instead of joining in on bashing them. The Lord wants to teach the kids how to pray. 

You know how you say that Lent always brings you challenges. Well, it’s almost like, with these petty people, the Lord is trying to teach you not to allow yourself to unconsciously judge others. So, what I think I’m hearing is when you find yourself starting to judge them, you have to say, “I’m sorry.” Ask the Lord to forgive you. Pray for them. We need to learn to focus more on how to love another rather than get our own self-satisfaction. And if you get down to it, this is a wonderful training ground on how to live in the Divine Will. It’s an excellent example of how the Lord takes things that’s happening around our life. 

Turn to the Lord and pray. Ask the Lord that He’d be merciful to you in helping you reach out of the places of selfish bitterness and really honestly forgive them. So, when you start having the difficulty, it’s like, “Oh yes, my own selfish resentment is trying to get started here. So, Lord, I need your help here.” Jesus Himself, although He was divine, He was also a man. And the way He was treated, His humanity had to call upon the Father for certain helps, because they treated Him awful, just like these people are trying to treat you. 

Do you need to release any prisoners?

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