person holding black cassette tape
Photo by Stas Knop on Pexels.com

I wrote this years ago, when something my Aunt Betty and I were putting on for the community was under attack.

Come back into the now. You are being harassed by Satan. If you were in the present moment, it wouldn’t disturb you. It’s the Lord’s problem. Give it to Him. Cover His people with hope. Don’t go into fear. Stay in faith. Don’t open the doors, and run out into the future in fear, or you’ll suffer needlessly. Put it in God’s hands. If it’s supposed to happen, He will open the doors. Don’t go out into the future and build the case. Lord, teach me how to live a life of faith. You can’t go against Satan and not expect harassment. The saints pushed through on things like this. We have to live our faith. If God wants this thing done, He has to straighten it out. Ask the Lord to heal you of this anger at yourself. 

Watch the toxic tapes. Start identifying your toxic tapes. You go out into the future with your “what ifs.” Why do you write a toxic tape? Satan plays the infectious part. Our wounds get infected with bacteria. Jesus has given us angels to assist us with the demonic. But there are times where you want to focus in where the open doors make you more vulnerable to the enemy.

The doors God wants open can fully be open without contamination. We don’t want to create a fascination with the demonic. We want to de-emphasize putting our focus there. The toxic tapes are the part of you that gets fascinated with what could go wrong, and you go down the path of what could go wrong. Jesus said, “Do not fear,”

Instead, open the door of faith, hope and trust, and go on that journey, because that leads to freedom. It’s a choice you’re being called to make. Do you believe that Jesus is the way? “I’m the way, the truth, and the life.” Jesus is the door and the gate. He is the way to goodness, love and truth. Pray “Open the doors you  want open…place me in the center of your perfect will.” (Refer to the Prayer of the Obedient Heart on my blog) That the safest place to be. That’s why we’re trying to help people find that balance. 

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