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Below is my Aunt Betty’s wisdom on detachment so as to have true freedom:

“People experience resistances and bondages in their lives—something inside is working in the opposite way.  That’s bondage.  There are things inside and out keeping us from freedom.  True freedom is to be the person God called us to be—to do His will. Who did God see us to be?  That person exists in the Will of God.  Our happiness is in becoming that person—whether we are aware of it or not. 

God’s main focus is our becoming the person He created us to be. Money, prestige, success and material objects aren’t of primary importance.  What are we doing to become the person we’re supposed to be when we lose those things?  Is God saying we got too attached, so we need to refocus?  What attitudes are we building under the loss of those things?  God permitted this to happen.  What is the important thing that you need to learn?  You may be thinking, “Once you learn the good, then will He give you the thing you lost back?  He doesn’t have the same focus as we do.  He gives us a lot of gifts.  The key is not to get too attached, so we stay focused on who He’s calling us to be.” 

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  1. I just shared this with my parents, who are not practicing Christians and who just lost their home in an electrical fire. It is very hard for me to be on the opposite side of the country, too far to be able to physically help them thru this tought time. I pray that Gods grace work thru others near them, to get them to see Jesus in all this


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