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My life took a twist and turn this past weekend when I fell down the stairs. I fractured my foot and will be in a boot for 4-6 weeks. Here’s my Aunt Betty’s email to me regarding this:

Have you thanked God for the boot?  Remember Romans 8:28?  Find the good in it . Let God continue to help you in dying to your own will, as it appears that is what is occurring anyhow, so you might as well offer it up for Tim, JT’s sports’ safety, your children’s cooperation with God in becoming the men or women God knows they are, etc. etc.  Fasting from complaining will be hard though. I can compassionate you, and I do. But if I believe what Jesus told Luisa Piccarreta that all that is happening to you has a purpose, then I can only pray that whatever good is supposed to come from all of this will be made evident at the right time to you.  But, in the meanwhile, hang in there…

I, too, am being tested in more ways than one, so let’s both hang in there, and let our own sweet will die.



  1. Anne Marie, thank you for sharing. I love Aunt Betty’s insights. God speaks so powerfully through her. I also believe that God is showing up in many little ways all around you. We get blindsided by the struggle. It does help to find these small deposits of hope that God is delivering to you in the midst of your trial. Thank Him constantly…it will diffuse the impatience.

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    • So true Cathy! I like what you said about diffusing impatience. That got me thinking about the gift that will come through this. Today was a good day with a lot of blessings. I’m definitely feeling Gratitude


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