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AM: It feels overwhelming with all the evil happening… 

Betty: Okay, so God is permitting you to actually see something, just a small smidgen, of what he has to deal with. And you are totally under. So, you need to cry out, “Out of the depths. I cry unto Thee. Oh Lord, hear my prayer.” (Psalm 130:1) The older I get, the more I see the tremendous wisdom that is in those Psalms. Because centuries have passed, but what David said, way back in the Old Testament, is exactly where you are. He was overwhelmed. “Oh Lord, hear my voice.” It’s like, “Lord, where are you? This is getting to be such a mess down here.” Now, frankly, that gives me wisdom. Because I look at it and say, “Okay Betty, other generations have had to deal with really big messes, too. Maybe in different terms and what all, but this is part of the testing in human life that we have to keep focused with faith and hope, on where the victory is, despite the hell all around us. And yes, you’re getting a taste of Hell, And yeah, none of us like it. In a way, it makes denial seem much better, because you don’t have to deal with it. But we know that God is asking us not to choose our comfort and denial. He’s asking us, in faith, to take up the prayer he’s teaching us and really do battle. It’d be like if Nathan, as an Army Ranger, was out there in the field of warfare and he said, “Oh this is too much.” So, he just let the enemies shoot him. I mean it’s like, “Come on. No you can’t. You’ve got to really get in there and follow through.” Evil seems to be winning on all sides. But then we have faith that says, “Well, that’s the way it appears, but the actual fact is that God’s having a victory.”  Can you say, “Lord help my faith cling to the truth and not give in to despair.” Despair leads to further grief. So, it’s no consolation to go there. Is there more breathing room in you? Can you feel that you’re letting some of this crap go? 

AM: I’m trying to…

Betty: That’s what you’re struggling for, namely, you’re struggling for more breathing room. I don’t know if this helps you, but what I do with these types of things is I try to stay in reality. With every piece of reality I find that’s negative, I recognize it’s happening. Then, I put it in the hands of God and praise, glorify, and trust God for the victory. So, there is some movement in which my job is just to be God’s eyes, or his heart, see it or feel it, and then let it go in faith believing God’s got to handle it. My role is simply to be the voice crying out of the depths. I don’t think God’s asking me to do more. I try to help wake other people up, and give them hope. It’s like, “Okay, don’t run away from it. It’s here.” But at the same time know that God’s help is here and God will have the victory. So, try to help people stand amidst the darkness and not succumb to it. More than that, we can’t do it. 

Pray Psalm 130:1, “Out of the depths I cry unto Thee. Oh Lord, hear my prayer.” And then put everything in God’s hands and let Him bring about the victory.


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