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Betty: When things are happening inside, there is growth. You will often times have dark, dry times. Satan can mess with our feelings, so you can’t use your feelings as indicators of your relationship with God. We are in a spiritual war. We are not aware of the war. We are living in really dark times. The Popes are saying the church is in crisis. A real battle is going on. When Satan knows something is powerful, he comes against it. The real indicator of spiritual growth is how we relate in love to others. When we reach out in compassion to someone who is difficult, God is at work within us. Don’t rely on your emotions. 

I lived a lot of life in dryness, which is a gift of faith. Keep being faithful through your prayer life, so You give him the most glory. Pray for that fidelity not to rely on your feelings. It makes it harder for Satan to mess with your emotions. 


  1. Dear Aunt Betty:

    My late friend Barbara Koeppen Reilly told me about your blog years ago. I trust you know she passed away. I had known her since we were Catholic Extensions Volunteers in 1965-66. Keep up your wonderful spiritual advice.

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    • Hi William. This is Annemarie Penick, Aunt Betty’s niece. While I never met Barbara in person, she and I emailed each other back and forth. She had a beautiful heart and faith. I was so sad when I heard she passed. I passed your message on to my Aunt Betty. She will be happy that you are being blessed by her wisdom. And she and I did hear awhile back about Barbara’s passing. She will be in our prayers.


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